Average Annual Openings 2014-2019

Avg. Annual Growth Rate 2014-2019
Avg. Annual Openings Due to Growth 2014-2019
Avg. Annual Total Openings 2014-2019
Total: All Occupations 1.2%1,6034,692

Management Occupations 1.2% 41133
Business Operations Specialists 1.5% 1850
Financial Specialists 1.3% 1438
Engineers 2.2% 1227
Education, Training and Library Occupations 1.4% 109290
Primary, Secondary, and Special Education School Teachers 1.4% 50140
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations 1.8% 95221
Registered Nurses 2.2% 4689
Health Technologies and Technicians 1.5% 2876
Healthcare Support Occupations 2.2% 69115
Law Enforcement Workers 1.7% 1845
Food and Beverage Serving Workers 1.2% 59231
Sales and Related Occupations 0.8% 87377
Office and Administrative Support Occupations 1.2% 172472
Information and Record Clerks 1.5% 48135
Secretaries and Administrative Assistants 1.2% 3268
Construction Trades Workers 2.1% 106192
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations 1.1% 56159

Some of the top jobs are listed above in terms of growth. While other areas are growing, these are showing the largest gains in number of openings. It is important to note that while overall growth can be slow, the turnover, mainly from retirements from an older population, is increasing and showing most of the openings.

Percent of Jobs Held by Workers Age 55+ in Chelan County, 2010

Chelan and Douglas counties have a higher percent of workers that are over the age of 54 than the state. While job growth may be minimal after the recovery of the Great Recession, the future job turnover will increase due to retirements. Fortunately it is spread across various sectors which mean various job titles with various specialties will be opening up in the near future.

Average Annual Growth Rate 2009-2019

Growth in North Central Washington has been slow to recover. Moving forward growth is going to be very strong in durable goods manufacturing as the value of the dollar has declined and the U.S. has gained a competitive edge in production. Transportation occupations will also grow strong in direct relation to agriculture and retail. Professional and business services was one of the first areas to lose jobs during the Great Recession. Human Resources, architecture, and engineering jobs within this sector show strong growth in the future.