Business Mentor Application

The NCW Economic Development District is committed to fostering an environment that promotes and facilitates entrepreneurship and business growth.

One integral part of this effort is a mentorship program that pairs experienced business owners as mentors with up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are interested in learning from the success of these mentors.

Mentors in this program will be instrumental in sharing, guiding, and facilitating success of the mentees with whom they collaborate.

What makes a good mentor?

The Role of the Mentor:

  • Build confidence
  • Serve as Role model
  • Coach
  • Share experiences as learning tools
  • Encourage professionalism
  • Proactively maintain contact and encourage open communication
  • Help problem solve
  • Facilitate career planning and development skills (targeting, networking, resume building).
  • Help the student externalize any classroom education
  • Encourage introspection
  • Facilitate goal-setting and being goal-oriented
  • Maintain privacy/confidentiality

Responsibilities of the Mentor:

  • Be available, as schedules permit, to work with mentee.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least twice during the course of hte year to talk, collaborate, share advice and more. These meetings are to be established by the mentor and mentee on their own time and based on their own personal schedules.       
  • You should keep in contact using mutually-acceptable forms of communication.
  • Establish a meeting time early on.
  • Actively listen to the mentee and provide guidance.

Minimum Requirements

If you feel that you can meet these requirements, you may be able to not only fulfill the role in changing someone’s life for the better, but make our economic community more vibrant and prosperous. At a minimum, we would like to see a successful Mentor:

  • Have two year’s business experience in their chosen field
  • Make a one-year commitment to the mentee. Provide WVC and NWC-EDD with your background information so we may match you properly with a student.
  • If you want to provide general business counseling (not industry specific) please indicate that in point number one of the Background information section.