The NCW Economic Development District is committed to fostering a positive environment in which prospective and new entrepreneurs interested  in starting a business or those looking to enter a given profession can tap into a pool of experienced business owners and professionals who have navigated their industry with skill and possess a desire to give back to the economic community. In this application, the program participants  will be referred to as “mentees.”

The Role of the Mentee:

  • Ask for advice and guidance
  • Be open to share your ideas and open to accept your mentor's feedback
  • Bring questions to your mentor
  • Be proactive
  • Follow through on any action plans that are developed by you and your mentor
  • Actively pursue your goals — be goal-oriented
  • Seek out your mentor do not wait for him/her to contact you
  • Proactively maintain close contact and encourage open communication
  • Seek to develop career finding, networking, and resume building skills
  • Be open to developing your knowledge and understanding of business
  • Work to apply knowledge to the practical business world
  • Be introspective — try to understand yourself, your goals, your motivations
  • Maintain privacy/confidentiality


Responsibilities of the Mentee:

For the mentor program to succeed, both mentees and mentors alike must commit to establishing a partnership based on open communications and productive and proactive interaction. This requires the following:

  • Actively seek out the mentor for advice.
  • You should keep in contact using face-to face meetings, email, telephone, or texting.
  • Establish a meeting time early on.
  • Dedicate (minimum) of 10-12 hours per quarter for meeting and communication with your mentor
  • Present yourself in a respectable fashion: 
    • Dress appropriately;
    • Be punctual — always on time;
    • Be prepared — always for each meeting;
    • Be respectful — to all you encounter; and
    • Be gracious — let people know you appreciate the time and interest in you.