success is not magic

Despite all you may have heard, sales and marketing success is NOT magic. Instead, it’s based on a series of techniques just like any other used in running your business, techniques that must be mastered in order to find success. While larger companies can simply hire sales and marketing professionals, the small business owner must often wear this hat too along with supervising the core product or service being marketed or sold. We’ll look at some of these techniques below to see how you can work your own magic with sales and marketing today. Source: Small Business Trends|May 23, 2011

How to stop losing prospects

No kidding! If a lot of sales you seem to have sown up suddenly go south, it may not be your product, service or pricing. It might be simply your sales process. So what went wrong? Where did you loose them? Or is it just the way you followed up in the sales process that didn’t work? You may be surprised at this suggestion about changing your approach and increasing your conversions. Source: copywritematters

Marketing with your Website

Your small business Website must be your number one marketing tool online. It is often the first impression anyone gets of your business so it is critical to get it right. More than just a means of boosting your brand and business, your Website should even convert visitors to customers, if you have something on your site to sell. You can see some small business Websites critiqued in the link above. Source: You’re the Boss

Techniques for better phone selling

Despite the explosion of sales over the Internet, on many occasions the phone is still the best way to chase down leads, get answers from prospects and maybe even close deals. So what techniques can you use to be more effective selling your products or services by phone? Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Using social media to keep in touch

Here’s a unique concept in social media marketing used by an employee of Nordstrom. The approach worked so well that it inspired marketing strategist David Meerman Scott to blog about it. Can you imagine your favorite store tweeting you every time they have a product they think you may like? Move over Google and e-commerce. There’s still room for the human touch. Source: Web Ink Now